The Little Midway Story

It all began with Bern and Gert Laxer in 1954

Our tasty story begins in 1954 when Bern and Gert Laxer expanded their downtown Tampa luncheonette under the new name, Bern and Gert's Little Midway, a sandwich cafe and ice cream parlor on Cass St. Inspired by midways, the section of a carnival that features the sideshows and games, every visit was something of whimsy.

Whipping up classic favorites with a few reimagined concoctions

And while the sandwich shop eventually closed in 1956, the Laxer story continued to become the Bern’s legacy. Today, our ice cream and pastry parlor pays homage to where it all started, whipping up classic Harry Waugh Dessert Room favorites with a few reimagined concoctions for a new generation of Little Midway comers. Led by Pastry Chef Heather Birr, there’s never a shortage of good times and tasty surprises.

Our Pastry Chef

Heather Birr

Growing up in a full-blooded Italian family, food has always been a part of Heather’s life. And what started off as an elective culinary class in high school has blossomed into a rising career working for Publix, Walt Disney World, and Bern’s. Now, she’ll try her dedicated, innovative hand at some of our favorites while crafting up new delights at Little Midway.

Head Baker

Michelle Guy

Michelle has worked in the Bern's Steak House pastry department for almost three years. Before coming to Bern's, she came from a background in banking and mortgages, when after several years she realized that she wanted a fresh and exciting career change. This is when Michelle decided to pursue a career in the culinary field! She is also passionate about the way food connects people, creating memories and moments of escape and enjoyment.

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